mimosas, floppy hats and preppy clothes..need I say more?

Being a student at Penn State is one of the most exciting things.  Especially in the fall with multiple events such as: football tailgates, homecoming, Halloween parties and more.  With so much excitement packed into one semester it’s difficult to pick a favorite event…or is it?  An event that most girls look forward to is a champagne brunch.

Because fall in Happy Valley lasts a good three weeks, its crucial to attend a champagne brunch between the end of August and mid-September.  That way you get to experience Happy Valley’s rare sunshine and 80 degrees.  Penn State sororities and fraternities across the board go above and beyond for their organized champagne brunch, giving you the chance to finally be a Southern Belle…for a day.

Attending a champagne brunch takes a couple days of planning, executing and shopping.  There are different essentials needed depending on if you’re the guest or the host, then broken down into a male or female.  The host or hostess needs to provide a location, mimosas, music and appetizers. Diana’s Desserts provides an informative list on everything you need to know and do when it comes to a champagne brunch.

Top three Essentials for the girls:

1: A floppy hat:  one of my favorite reasonings for attending a champagne brunch is getting to wear a big, white floppy hat.  I’ve never felt like more of a diva than I do in a floppy hat, and it definitely helps you get into character.

2: The perfect wedges: another necessity of attending any event…especially a champagne brunch is the perfect pair of shoes.  Wedges are highly recommended because they are more comfortable and aren’t as formal as a pair of stilettos.

3: The right dress: the final item that is crucial for a champagne brunch is the right outfit.  Whether it’s a sundress, maxi dress or maxi skirt and cute top, it needs to be just right.  I recommend pastel colors or a simple design.  Being too bold can bring the wrong attention to you, you want your outfit to reflect yourself and your personality, but you always want to remain ladylike and classy.

Top three essentials for the gentlemen:

1: sperrys (boat shoes) or loafers

2: sports jacket/blazer

3: colored or printed pants/shorts

A great way to find outfit ideas for a champagne brunch is by utilizing your social media accounts.  We all have that one friend on FaceBook who goes to school in the south, stalk their photos!  Twitter and Instagram are a great resource for getting feedback as well.  Tweet or post a picture of your potential outfit and see what responses you get!  One of my favorite resources is Pinterest.  If you search for “champagne brunch” or “southern style” an enormous amount of pictures will come up and all offer great ideas.

Soak up the best season of the year and enjoy your champagne brunch!  Email me your outfits and I’d love to feature it!



One thought on “mimosas, floppy hats and preppy clothes..need I say more?

  1. Quick comment about when to wear pants versus shorts for the fellas. Rule #35 When 70 and below, let the shorts go. Stick to the pants. #Frat101

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