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Depending on what region of the United States you live in, football games and fashion either go hand-in-hand or fashion is so far out of the question that you can’t begin to think how it can relate to football.

Many southern schools have a standard of class that many girls and boys follow when attending their university’s weekly football game.  Whether it be a sundress, sun hat, pearls, polos or khakis, it is a distinct look.  This Pinterest page provides a great example of southern inspiration for football games.


Here is an example from one of my FaceBook friends and her sorority at a Tennessee football game.

Southern football style is more well-known among different parts of the country, but what about Big 10 schools that thrive off of their football programs such as Penn State?  One wouldn’t wear a plain jane “Penn State Football” t-shirt to the event without adding more accessories.

Schools such as Penn State, Nebraska, Ohio State and Michigan are known for their enthusiastic fans, especially their attire.  Being a Penn State student, it’s easy to tell what is and isn’t appropriate for a game.  Most of the outfits you see students and fans in are borderline obnoxious, but then again nothing can be too crazy for an amazing football atmosphere.  This article posted by Bleacher Report provides a great summary on how to properly dress for a Penn State game.  Be sure to include the following in your outfit when attending a Penn State football game:

  • Wear blue and white everything
  • Make sure your shirt/clothing says something about Penn State
  •  Accessorize with beads, hats, socks and hair bows
  • Most importantly a face sticker, tattoo or paint


Although fashion is a key point when attending a sporting event, the most important accessory is good sportsmanship.  Wherever you are going, make sure you are familiar with the schools culture, language and attitude towards their opposing team.  Never make rude comments or inappropriate slurs, always wish the opposing fans good luck and when you’re team wins, tell them good game.

Before going to ANY event its essential to check different Instagram and Twitter accounts to see what students attending are posting about.  You’ll be able to see what they wear, what they do before the game, their attitude towards the game, and the type of language used at their school!

As much as I’d love to be apart of a southern football atmosphere and wear sundresses, boots and bows to a game, I can’t imagine being anywhere but Beaver Stadium every Saturday with 110,00 of my closest friends.

Good luck and happy football season!




6 thoughts on “fashion, fans & football

  1. Kylee,
    This is a great post. I’ve always been so shocked whenever I see girls from my high school that go to southern schools sporting sundresses, hats, and pearls at their football games. I’m used to throwing on a t-shirt and a sticker and calling it a day! It is interesting to see the contrast, and it would be a cool study to see when this started and what made the difference between the north and the south. Do you think that social media could slowly change the trend, whether it be the south getting more casual or the north getting more dressed up? It would be interesting to see how much social media would have to be broadcasted in order for a change to occur.

  2. Kylee,

    I really enjoy this post. Believe it or not I am really into style and am always weary of what I wear to the games. As an intern for athletics I actually enjoy dressing a little nicer for the games. I would wear khaki or white shorts for the warm games and khaki pants for the colder games and would always wear my favorite Nike shoes to try and have the best style on the sideline. Up north however I do agree that you should wear casual clothes as everyone does and it works well with the culture. Freshmen year however my friends dressed up in southern attire for the Alabama game which I thought was awesome. See below.

    All in all a great post.

  3. I enjoy how your post covers two different football tailgating cultures. Penn State is huge about bleeding that blue & white which is why you will see most people in jerseys and Penn State themed attire. As I browse through my friends social media platforms who attend school in the south, I am amazed that they wear dressed and bring that southern belle attire to full attention. I learn about most of this through social media (Instagram and Facebook) and online blogs. Without these social media platforms, I would not learn how different football cultures can be!

  4. Kylee,

    So happy you posted this! I love seeing the pictures my friends post who go to southern schools of them all dressed up at football games. I think it’s so cool and I definitely have Instagram to thank for the ability to see my friends photos. Of course, I would never trade our Penn State football saturdays for that but I do actually get to live the best of both worlds. As Brandon had said, I too intern with Penn State Athletics so the games I have to work, I have to turn in my Penn State t-shirt and lion ears and dress up. So of course I live out my southern dream and pick out a pretty navy blue dress and boots to wear to the game! Great post.

    Ps. Love your blog name!

  5. This is a great post! During the fall semester I have the battle to find the right outfit each saturday for a football game. I never know if I will need a jacket, or pants, sunglasses or rainboots. One of my best friends attends the University of Texas – Austin, every week I see pictures of him attending games in girls wearing dresses and boots. I could never imagine wearing a dress to stand in the student section of Beaver Stadium! I am glad to stick to my shirts, tshirt, and sneakers! As a senior, I am sad to say my days in the student section are over but I look forward to coming up as an alumni to experience the greatest show in college football for years to come.

  6. Like the previous commenters, I too think that this is a very unique topic. I think it also has to go along with social norms, and the culture in different parts of the United States. I’ve never seen someone wear a sundress at a Penn State football game, but I’m sure college students down south think it’s crazy that we just wear t-shirts and jeans. What I love about social media is that it makes the world so much smaller, and I find it so interesting to see photos from school’s that my friends go to on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

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