social media bootcamp

This past Tuesday my COMM 497 class and I held a Social Media Bootcamp for organization leaders at Penn State.  We broke up into teams and focused on a social media platform that is beneficial to organizations.  My partner and I chose to present and research Instagram.

One thing that I really focused on during the presentation was the content that should be posted on Instagram.  I put together the following list of content suggestions depending on the type of organization:

  • žEach Organization: —birthdays, THON, members being involved on campus, Penn State Pride, social media contest
  • žSpecialty Clubs (ex. cooking club):—recipes, food, aprons, kitchen products, tips & tricks (info graph)
  • žTHON Organizations: —canning, THONvelope inspiration, countdown ,THON child(ren)
  • žClub Sports: new gear, game, player of the week, field view
  • žSororities/Fraternities: —philanthropy, members attending events, achievements, new apparel, founder’s day

During the presentation, I related different content to the organizations that were represented in each session.  The audience nodded in agreement and had an understanding of where I was getting with the purpose of each post.  The challenge with Instagram is not having something to post.  If there are no events, meetings, or games, organizations get lost and are unsure of what to post.  That is why we suggest they post a quote, or a picture of their members in apparel, or a picture of Penn State.  Something that will keep the followers engaged and help  the organization stay on their radar.

I referenced the Instagram account @asu_theta a lot.  It is by far one of he best run Instagram accounts I have come across and I recommend clubs and organizations follow it for inspiration.




We had a great turn out at the event and ended it with an information session.  Each one of the students from the class paired up with a different organization and went over their specific accounts.  We offered advice and suggestions on how their organization can best utilize different social media platforms.

Thank you for a great event COMM497, I am so happy to be a part of such a great class!







2 thoughts on “social media bootcamp

  1. Hi Kylee —
    Great recap! I wish I had been able to see some of the other presentations at our boot camp – I feel like I missed out on a lot of great information. Instagram is such a great tool for student organizations, but a lot of people are kind of unsure of how to use it. I love your list of content suggestions and how you split it up by organization type. It shows that there really are a TON of possibilities with Instagram, some of which I had never realized.

  2. Kylee-
    Great recap and tips for organizations on social media, especially Instagram. Social media is such an important tool for organization and businesses to utilize in order to grow their brand. Your list of suggestions for different organization types are well thought out and something organizations should reference when building a social media presence.

    Thanks for sharing!

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