multiple lenses of MBFW- NYC edition

One might think that if you’re not in New York City this week, you’re missing out on one of the most eventful weeks of the year.  The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  But that is wrong.  Thanks to two of my favorite social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram, you can basically attend any show you want right from your bed, desk or office.

For the purpose of this post, I will focus my favorite designer, Tory Burch, as a prime example on how fans around the world can gain insider information to all of their favorite designers catwalks, and more.  The Tory Burch brand did an excellent job of sharing their show this week by using Twitter and Instagram and an official hashtag.  First things first, the Tory Burch website invites all guests to watch their show live. There is no doubt that the next best thing to the actual show is a live streaming of it.


Next, the Tory Burch Twitter invites followers and fans to stay connected during the week and show by using their official hashtag: #toryfall14.  This hashtag was used both on Twitter and Instagram which is a great way to keep fans interacting on multiple social media platforms.  The Tory Burch team utilized Twitter well during the entire show.  Everything they tweeted had to do with something happening live, something about their products, their instagram or the show.  Each tweet went full circle and it was very easy to follow along with.




Lastly, the Tory Burch Instagram account is what really made me feel like I wasn’t only at the show but apart of the show.


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