Mexico! Bahamas! Spring Break! OH MY!

Spring Break is upon us, and for Penn State students it starts this weekend.  Whether you’re joining your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers in Puerto Vallarta, soaking up the sun with you friends in the Bahamas, or enjoying the beautiful beaches of American in Panama City, there are some tips that each and everyone of you should be aware of.

When it comes to social media and social gatherings, the two don’t typically cross paths so easily.  Based on the content you post during your event or trip, you’re either helping or hurting your social media portfolio.  And what college student actually wants to hurt their portfolio?!  During social gatherings, whether it is a gala, an award show or a cocktail party, you may have more confident in your posts because there will most likely be an official hashtag and you can engage with the others in the same position as you.  When it comes to spring break and social media, I can assure you that there won’t be an official hashtag for how many margaritas you drank that day.

I came across this article about the Do’s and Don’ts of social media during and after your spring break trip, and I think it’s extremely important each student reads over it before setting sail.

To me, spring break is almost the same as the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.  Future employers and probably most of your followers or friends don’t care to see how you spent five days being drunk out of your mind on the beach with a bunch of random people from other universities.  If you’re gong to resort to social media in the next upcoming weeks, make sure it is tasteful, appropriate, and helps enhance your social media portfolio, not hurt it.


One thought on “Mexico! Bahamas! Spring Break! OH MY!

  1. This post discusses a topic that all college students going on spring break need to be aware of. Everything is on the Internet these days and although it is great to have your friends from all over see your pictures and be able to keep up with what you are doing, a lot of the times people forget this means this information is available to everyone. It is so important to monitor the things you post on social media and to keep it classy. That funny picture you uploaded passed out with a beer in your hand won’t be funny if an employer pulls it up in the middle of an interview. Once it is out on the Internet it is available for everyone to see and there is a good chance that picture will resurface sometime in the future when you least expect it. Although we all want to show the world what an amazing time we are having on spring break it is so important to keep it classy and tasteful and this post does an excellent job of explaining that. Treating it as a “What happens in Vegas, says in Vegas” situation is the way to go. I appreciate how this post stresses the importance of keeping your social media portfolio appropriate.

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