formal season only means one thing…

A cute, creative and crafty cooler.

Southern sororities are known for many things, such as wearing sunglasses and sun hats to football games, always wearing their pearl earrings and necklaces and displaying nothing but southern charm.  But one thing that really stands out with southern sororities among the rest, are their infamous coolers for formals, away weekends or events.

There is nothing northern sorority girls like more than trying to bring southern traditions to their own school.  Which is why this formal season, I took it upon myself to be the first to make a cooler, not for a fraternity’s formal, but for our own.  Typically, the date makes the cooler for the fraternity formal they get invited too.  However, my date is not in a fraternity so we would only be attending a sorority formal this year. 

This was my first cooler and I had no idea where to even begin.  That is where the fabulous world of social media comes into play!  I searched on Pinterest for “frat coolers” and found so many amazing coolers that inspired me even more.  Then, I went on Facebook and joined a group called “The Cooler Connection”, it is open to the Facebook public.  On the group page there are files, photos, FAQ’s, and every piece of information you could ever need when it comes to making a formal cooler.

The most important aspect of making a cooler is to personalize it to the specific persons interests.  Whether it is their favorite clothing brand, sports teams, beer, etc. you want to make sure you personalize it to show them that you put a lot of effort into creating your masterpiece.  Below are some pictures of my first cooler I made for my date for my last sorority formal.  It took me about a week, on and off, but I could not be happier with the way it came out!



If you have other traditions that you do for formals, away weekend or events, I’d love to know!  Please feel free to share with me how you get creative!




7 thoughts on “formal season only means one thing…

  1. Your cooler is awesome! I wish I had the creativity to pull something like that off! Even if you aren’t in a sorority, its a fun thing to do for a picnic date, beach trip, etc.

  2. Hey! This was a great post, with awesome visual elements as well. I’d never heard of a frat cooler, and it was great to learn something new and see how you used your creativity to express yourself though this cooler. Definitely a cute idea, maybe I’ll decorate one of my own sometime! Awesome job, and great art skills too!

  3. This is such a cute project! You are a great artist and your cooler turned out really good. This would be a great gift to give as well especially for the summer. My sister is graduating from high school this year so maybe after graduation I will have some time to make her one with her college as the theme. Or I think my mom or dad would love one for the beach. I will definitely be checking out those links. Thanks so much for the great idea!

  4. This post is awesome! I am definitely a crafty guy and you did a great job on your cooler. I’m not in greek life, but making a cooler would be a good idea for tailgates and BBQs. Also, I know JR! You’ve got a real talent, keep up the good work!

  5. Kaylee, I love this post! My former boyfriend went to school down south so I had the pleasure of making two coolers for his away weekends. It was definitely a grueling task! I’m not sure if you read this but to help the paint stay on the cooler, paint several layers of mod podge (it looks like glue when you first paint it on but it dries clear) then paint two layers of polyurethane over the dried mod podge. This will give your cooler a shiny finish and protect it from wear and tear at the beach!

    I also liked how your blog post included part of your research for your project, like visiting Pinterest and joining a Facebook group. This is a smart idea, now your followers know where to go if they need ideas and further directions.

  6. First of all, WOW, you’re so crafty! I’ve always wanted to make a cooler for formals here but I always thought it was more of a southern thing. I love that your bringing that southern class up north! I think it’s such a great idea to use Pinterest as a search tool for any crafts, or really for anything ever. I love Pinterest and always find myself scanning through it when I’m bored or have idle hands. You should definitely post pictures of this cooler on Pinterest and even brand your own board of personal crafts. You can link them to your blog to optimize interaction of your work and engage more followers. Great job and I can’t wait to see more of your crafts!

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